Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Biggest Warship of China and the Philippines

The Philippine Navy’s largest warship was former US Coast Guard cutter; bought second hand from the United States with USD$13.18M, will sail into the West Philippine Sea crossing over from the Pacific in the next couple of weeks, while China's first aircraft carrier is expected to go on sea trials by the end of September. Will they meet somewhere in the middle of the Seas, yes…the West Philippines Sea issue will likely be one of the topics during the state visit of Philippines president Aquino to China next Week. From what I got the official said the Philippines and China had “agree to disagree” on the West Philippines seas issue and would not allow this affect the bilateral relations.
Would one of the 23 Aug 2010 Tour bus issue be one of the other topics!?
Hong Kong Government still issues Black Outbound Travel Alert for Travelling in the Philippines Since 23 Aug 2010.
In the event of a conflict over the Spratlys, where both the Philippines and China have claims, both ships may see action. The Philippine ship is a former US Coast Guard cutter.
The comparison between the two, as well as between the military forces of each country, is of course lopsided, hence the need for the Philippines to be allied with another superpower, the United States.
President of Philippines and he would like to buy more Pilot training aircrafts, Submarine, Radar defective systems… That show a good signs that Philippine had successfully collected some of the Lost Money in the old days from Corruption going into this Military Defense Project., a nice encouragement to ensure political developing for stability, a signal for foreign investor for more aggressive plan to move into Philippines, such as Japan, which selected Philippines is the next best alternative location for their foreign investment.
Hope to see more economic development in the Country of Philippines and looking forward from more fruitful economic joint venture between China and Philippines from the two big guys meeting next week in China.

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