Friday, August 23, 2013

WAM-X Spider SeaCraft Proteus and Manila Foam inland water craft

Picture taken by Samsung Note II on 19 Aug 2013 Manial
Wam-X spider boat Proteus a new Concept for sea craft
This is an extreme experimental boat that had been seen in U.S. waters and at that time, little was known about the amazing spider-like water craft.

Now we can lift the lid on the machine, based on an original concept by Ugo Conti of Marine Advanced Research. The appropriately named Proteus (Proteus was an early sea-god capable of changing shape and assuming many forms) is the first of a new class of watercraft based on a patented technology that delivers a radically different seagoing experience.

Wave Adaptive Modular Vessels (WAM-V) are ultralight flexible catamarans modularly designed to allow for a variety of applications and to fit the requirements of specific users, missions or projects.

Unlike conventional boats that force the water to conform to the their hulls, the WAM-V adjusts to the surface of the sea, with the superstructure flexibly connected to specially designed pontoons by several components that actually move in relation to one another.

Whereas on the other hand, I saw that there are smart guy that they can use the lowest cost of material to build this Inland Flood water transporter that actually carry passenger across the "River!"

The beauty of this craft is, Human Power, super light weight about 10 Kgs, Zero emission, and anytime we can dismantle them and wait for next occassion to use it.

Manila Snob

New Zealand Invention "Hoverwing"

Trigger by the Gentleman and his “Super Hovercraft” or I should say Aircraft, as his Hoverwing can shoot up 5 feet in the sky! It can travel at max. speed of 98KM! The hoverwing is powered by a modified Subaru car engine while the body comprises most fibreglass.
I talk to colleague why not we start to build something like this with simple and cheap material for a test version. It may be good fun to play with.
HK Snob