Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sinking of SS Costa Concordia

Captain and first officer arrested as up to 70 cruise passengers missing and three dead as survivors tell of 'chaotic evacuation 'Passengers tell of 'chaos' as crew members said 'go back to your cabins'.
Survivors leapt for their lives into the icy sea as the liner rolled onto its side
Captain of the ship in custody with another crew member
Boat was 'four miles off course' when it hit rocks.
Ship Facts
Length: 290 .00 m
Beam: 36.00 m
Draft: 8.00 m
GrossTonnage :114,500 m.t.
Passengers: 3,700
Crew: 1,100
Decks: 17
Engine: Wartsila, 12-cylinder
Power: 12,000 kW
Speed: 23.0 kn
Built: 2006
Shipyard: Fincantieri Yards
Price: 600 millions USD
Bodies of two French passengers and a Peruvian crewman recovered.
One victim, 65, died from heart attack following shock of cold water
Liner had listed so badly 'lifeboats had difficulty being launched'.
37 Britons on board but none believed to have died or been injured.
Moral of the accident is
The technology is very advance, than those time in early 1900 Titanic, the ship is now equipped with Radar, Loran C that can automatically locate the ship position within 10 metres area, Satellite that can fix the course and align when there is a drift automatically
Why there still can off course for 4 miles which anything n would happen on a large ship like this
This is pure human Ignorance and Discipline .
I believe it its time to review for the revival of Sparkie,, and to offer a tighten control on the discipline on bridge, also had to go through proper training to the officer, crews and passenger regular or this kind of accident would happen again tomorrow.
I have been working n the sea, I have seen a lot of crazy things.

HK Snob